Boomer Lullaby

from Public Comment by Same Sex Mary

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We know what you’re going to say

You say it every single day

You used to work for what you earned?

You think that’s something that we never heard?

But God the times have changed,

Just trying to make it our own way.

Don’t act like you’re so concerned

You’re leaning back while you watch it burn

And still you treat us like we’re kids


“Get a job!” That’s all you say

But we both know they just don’t pay!

We’re flipping burgers just to pay for school

Because they told us that’s what we should do

We graduated and the only jobs left

Were flipping burgers and serving up gruel

Now ain’t that cruel? God ain’t it cruel?

We black where you see white

We see wrong where you see right

If you just opened up your eyes

You wouldn’t have to act so surprised

That your time is running out

Along with all your clout

So enjoy it while it lasts

Because it looks to me you’re fading fast.

Its cray world out there

And we all know you’re just scared

So why not rest your head?

It’s getting late and you should go to bed!

And now they tell us we should buy a house

Put up a fence and raise a family too

No paid vacations, only doctors’ notes

And without insurance? That’s just fucking cruel!

God ain’t it cruel?

We’re not so different you and us

You just seem to lack some trust

Are we not the ones you raised

We’re nothing more than you gave

We both fought in all their wars

Are we really keeping score?

Spitting venom back and forth?

Was that really what its all been for?

The world is far bigger than you

And it will leave you behind soon

So go on, pick up the slack!

Because that clock it’s never turning back!


from Public Comment, released November 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Same Sex Mary Las Vegas, Nevada

SSM wants you to have a good time and they will make sure that you do. They're not going to stare at their pedals, they're not going to mutter, Hey good to be here, how you doing? after their third song. They will not merely give you the impression that they're having a good time. They will engage you, they will intrigue you, they will thoroughly rock your socks off. Why? Because they love you. ... more

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